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Martin Stephenson, Nev Clay, Graham Shipcote @ The Globe, Sat 4th Sept 2021
In a packed and sold out Globe public bar venue, three North East singer songwriter’s gathered to present their songs “in the round” style. It wasn’t a showcase, just friends of many decades playing songs together, surprising for the first time in public. Their songs as you’d think, were quite diverse as well as the music but humour was always just around the corner. So amongst them all, we had music made during lockdown “Oh To Be Singing “ from Shippy, to a long forgotten little spiritual from Martin Stephenson “Give A Little Time For Jesus” to the quirky and humorous “Cartoon Eyes” from Nev Clay which included Xmas riffs, four months in advance. The musicians accompanied each other trading riffs & exchanging daft stories and the evening ended two hours later with the always-popular Martin song “ Little Red Bottle” and special guest Gary Dunn on guitar … making it a double Daintees way to finish a lovely evening
All in all a great welcome back to Jumping Hot Club & we look forward to lots more autumn shows

Juan Fitzgerald photos/words