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Nashville based, Americana singer-songwriter (the hard working) Lilly Hiatt was joined by her band of John Condit (acoustic guitar) and Robert Hudson (mandolin, percussion and electric guitar) on her eagerly awaited North East debut. Such is the reaction to her recent album, Trinity Lane and the quality of her songs she looks well set to become more familiar with followers that enjoy music with a kick.

Looking like hippy rock chick, Lilly was immediately into gear as she strummed her acoustic guitar alongside the band, and shared a little bit about her life and her time in the UK. It isn’t surprising she showed much grit in the style of her material as she spoke of hard times, journeys down less than lucrative roads and the mistakes she has taken.
It was my first gig at the new layout in Cluny 2, and the transformation makes a huge different. It now looks like a real cosy & comfortable music venue, & the sightlines much much better.
Lilly is the daughter of famed singer-songwriter John Hiatt, & has learned a solid use of the stage, and with her and the band keen to give the audience good value it was an evening when the clock meant very little to them.

Each song (& there were lots) were like another page in her adult life as she shared her emotions of the night David Bowie died, breakups and her relationship with her father. Like Lilly he hasn’t always found life easy, hence her song “Imposter”. While in “I Wanna Go Home” you had arguably her finest piece of the night. Written about a night in Denver when she got high, and missed a bunch of good things happening because she was so wasted Hiatt learnt her lesson.
Lilly Hiatt’s honesty was backed, superbly by Condit (a real tidy guitarist) and Hudson (wonderful at filling in the gaps) who, like her lived the songs and like on her intimate recent album, Trinity Lane ensured the music was tight and handmade. Watching her on stage, like with her father she too becomes so engrossed with the stories & tunes she writes, she feel every jolt and pieces of joy and the fact she’s on stage playing with people she can count on. Condit and Hudson aren’t just her band, but friends.

With time not an issue with Hiatt long after most acts would have wrapped up for the night she was performing a Pearl Jam favourite (solo) and doing a Rolling Stones cover, The Last Time. Both were excellent, as were many of her songs as she aired a healthy selection of tunes from her album.
I expect her to continue to improve, and through time learn to vary the tone of her work a little more.

Support came from Elaine Palmer, and with cello backing up her songs the audience were keen to show appreciation of the hard-working & excellent North Yorkshire singer-songwriter.

REVIEW -Maurice Hope pic-Juan Fitzgerald