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Laura Veirs /Joni @ Gosforth Civic Theatre Tues 14th June 2022

American singer/songwriter Laura Veirs Jumpin Hot Club return, after 8 years, made for a splendid Tuesday night sold out show @ Gosforth Civic Theatre. This after three re-schedules because of lockdown & how the crowd hung onto everything & anything Laura had to offer.
Laura too was on very chatty form, & with the most impressive of exclusives. She will be appearing on a forthcoming series of Hunted, the Channel 4 reality show. Two competitors singled her & manager Brooks out, upon leaving Heathrow. So with a TV crew in pursuit, the girls helped the two participants head up the country in their hired car. It won’t have done Laura’s profile any harm either on mainstream TV. Anyway in a 70 min set, she played some songs from her forthcoming record such as “Seaside Haiku’ with the intriguing chorus ” Give but don’t give to much of yourself away”, Laura was not afraid to talk of a recent break up either but was looking forward to the future and looking forward to a fresh start & new beginnings. This was highlighted by the strong bond of her female tour friends Such as Joni and her Mum .As well as her own backlog of songs she offered up a under rehearsed but well played Carter Family song “Wildwood Flower ” an convincing Elliot Smith cover and finished the set with a fantastic song dedicated to the late great Julie Sill ” Song for Julie “ Laura’s pure singing voice and lilting accompaniment on acoustic guitar with the odd foot pedal, showed us, that’s all you really need to keep a Jumpin Hot Club crowd entertained. Judging by the merchandise stand line wanting to buy her latest releases, she’s a big Jumping Hot Club favourite too.
Support came from another young American singer songwriter Joni. Her Indie style vocals complimented by an electric guitar had a real ethereal quality and her short set simply whizzed by. Her lovely voice was a showcase on my favourite track “Lost in Space” with the wonderful lyrics ” your gravity to me, you keep me in my place and without your pull I would be lost in space “. She rounded off the set with a Radiohead cover (maybe a first for J’Hot ) but all in all a great night of music & a privilege to be there.