37th year anniversary month for us

We will be running an exclusive anniversary exhibition in Gosforth Civic Theatre from Thurs 10th Nov until Dec. The exhibition mainly features work from the last 25 years by the resident J Hot photographer’s Charles Holley & Juan Fitzgerald.

Charles – “ It has been a pleasure to be the photographer at the Jumpin Hot Club and mix with Graham and all those connected with the club. Graham has booked so many great acts and it has changed my perception of music”
Juan ” “Since the early days of the Jumpin Hot club down in the Bridge Hotel cellar , the range of music on offer has been wonderful.The club has something for everyone. Anything from Country, Swing to Rockabilly, Gospel to Reggae to Songwriting Folk . When I take photos, I try to capture the concentration or the movement. Hopefully you’ll like my work & here’s to 37 years and with many more years to come

They will also have some TV class video clips & interviews from a few years ago from local film- man Kev Daley’s vaults. They will be played on a long extended loop everyday during the exhibition.
Kevin – “ In 2015 I was working on an outside TV broadcast. The Station Manger asked me if I could produce a new music program for them. There was no budget for it so I proposed a series of local live gigs. The best source of gigs that I knew of was the Jumpin’ Hot Club, and I asked Graham if he’d like to have a few shows recorded. The opportunity to showcase American acts touring through Newcastle, together with TV exposure for local acts, was irresistible for us both. Also the inclusion of interviews of the acts would add to the interest. The TV station confirmed a two series run of 6 episodes. At the end of the second series, I called the Station Manager about continuing with another series, and he told me he and the rest of his people had all been sacked!!! However we carried on recording for another year or so”.

Well done everybody & thanks to Gosforth Civic Theatre for exhibiting for us . It’s free too 🙂