Whitney Rose & Band + Gem Andrews @ cluny2
Last time the young country artist Whitney Rose played here, actually almost a year to the day, she was coming to the end of a solid 3 month European tour. She was looking forward to a 5 day holiday break in Spain. This time she & her band had a 16 hour road/sea trip to Newcastle from Kilkenny Festival in Ireland. Its not all glamour this musicians life style… but as her manager said- she’s in it for the long run & enjoying developing an audience here in the Uk. Anyway they arrived safe & sound except for their Bass amp which had blown its speaker….but no worries their as I brought mine down & it looked & sounded lovely on the re-vamped Cluny2 stage. Whitney & her band were on top form too, considering & in Mike the new guitarist ( ex Bellfurries) they have a great addition.
It was wonderful to see Gem Andrews too. A big talent who Im happy to say , resides again in the toon.