The Jumpin’ Hot Club is going to be 35 years old this year….ain’t that quite amazing!?

And as part of our 35th anniversary year we are launching a funding and sponsorship package via crowd funder / JustGiving. We have been promoting live music in the North East every year since 1985, without any core funding!

If you feel able, you can give us some love here

If you are interested in the sponsorship aspects please do get in touch with someone in the team and we can talk through options for you! We would love to showcase your business at our events!

Whether its Country, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Songsters, Reggae/ Ska, Soul – in fact any kind of Roots music – we have brought this to a stage somewhere near you.

Here’s a short bit of history …In 1985 two young men were disillusioned with the music that they were able to hear in their hometown, Newcastle. Sick of hitch hiking to London, Manchester and one-time Wakefield (!) they decided to take matters into their own hands. The Jumpin’ Hot Club was born in the basement of the Bridge Hotel in the city … & named after a roots music fanzine Graham had on the go at the time.

Now, nearly 35 YEARS ON and those two men are older & only slightly wiser, and have brought some unique & truly amazing talent to the North East for their & your own aural pleasure. The longest running music promoters in the North East, they have branched out into mentoring and consultation as well as music promotion, but they still remain true to their roots of bringing great music to the people of our region.


The live music industry wouldn’t work without you, the gig goer who supports us & the local community. You keep a grassroots company and a live music scene alive!

As part of our 35th year we would like to present our archive; we would like to mount some of the wonderful photos we have and put them up in a curated space, and we would like to edit some of the video footage and share it on social media…and possibly do a little screening somewhere & have a full exhibition.

We would also like to have a Birthday Party in December 2020 to mark the actual moment the club was born!

We are currently programming our anniversary year, and were also focusing around women and artists of colour. Equality and fairness is very important to us, as ever, and we want to make that clear through our programme during 2020 and of course, it will go beyond that too.


£5000 – Your company name on our website and on all published material both on social media and via physical distribution (flyers and posters) throughout the 35th anniversary year, running from April 2020 – March 2021.

£2000 – Sponsoring our PARTY!! You will have a big role in sponsoring our Birthday bash. You will have your name on all published material to do with the birthday party (online and physical), you will get 10 free tickets and a £100 bar tab. As well as being able to meet each of the bands who play.

£1000 – Sponsoring our exhibition. You will have your name on the exhibition itself where it finds its space & also on any publicity associated with the exhibition.

£1000 – sponsoring the Country Cantina – you will have a central place in the Country Cantina which will include you and a guest being able to hang out in the artists trailer, chatting to the bands and partaking in Graham’s infamous riders!

£500 – Tickets for you and a friend for 10 regular JHC gigs of your choice (excluding Country Cantina and gigs at Middlesbrough Town Hall, Sage Gateshead and DFDS gigs).

£100 – Tickets for you and a friend to 2 JHC gigs of your choice (excluding Country Cantina and gigs at Middlesbrough Town Hall, Sage Gateshead and DFDS gigs).

£50 – Tickets for you and a friend to 1 JHC Gig of your choice, and a thank you on our social media

£10 – A thank you on our social media