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2015 latest news

We are proud to say that we will have HATZFITZ & CARA at 2015 JHot Jamboree. Also ROB HERON & THE TEA PAD ORC & also The EASINGTON BRASS BAND.

Tix will be on sale very soon

@ Thorpe Lea Farm East , Easington, Co Durham.

Just wanted to say what a beautiful weekend Andrew and I had at the Jamboree, fabulous foot tapping music, the best (if perry fuelled!) boogie we've had in ages. All in jolly good company. Did my soul helluva lot of good!! Allie & Andrew Walton-Robson

Thanks so much for having us at the weekend!. Best festival I've ever played & stayed at ! And the 78 machine! Jesus! Serious Sam Barrett

Here's a splendid review & pics of Super Saturday at The Jamboree from Little Nemo. Its a great shame that he missed the opening event on Friday night just after the lucky campers arrived.At the front the barn the African vibes of Kennedy & Masamba & the lilting summer sunshine awaited the jamboreer's to kick off the boutique Fest. Gem Andrews followed direct from serving lush food in the ajoining cafe to making lovely country music with Bernard on fiddle as another appertiser. What a star....Then of course, he missed the main shindig...a real campfire session with some wonderful music that went on for hours until Shippy fell over the haybales then Stagger Lee the deejay, was far too sleepy to make any noises, staggering off deep into the pre- solstice campsite.

To be fair he also missed Saturday's 78 rpm live recordings on a lathe recording unit in the gypsy caravan from 5 artists that were just staggering & Stagger Lee doing a brilliant job the rest of the weekend with his deep rootsy music fayre. He also missed lazy Sunday with a completely different amosphere. Nicola the farm lady, dancing around the camp with a "Only Joy "sign held high above her head , while Shipcote & Friends made everybody take off the sandals & relaxxxx, Side Cafe Ochestr laid down their best klezmer cafe style sofa swing & The Crossings gave the sunday posse some afternoon reggae to kick off those sandals move your vertabrae & indeed, dancing was witnessed..

Some would say his biggest miss would have been the two giant paper puppets appearance for the solstice just after midnight , around the campfire, but it was so magical, Im not sure I wasnt just seeing things..yet seeing was believi'ng...


Is it a year since the last Jumpin Hot Festival at Easington? Well, no. The fest. had been brought forward to avoid any inclement weather and as a result had sold out ! As with last year the usual confusion on how to get there, that map ain’t quite right yet, reminded me of the Little Feat ditty ‘Willing’ or is it ‘Willin’, but there’s something about ‘drivin’ in the backroads’ that reminded me about the journey to the farm. I seem to have lost any natural sense of direction resulting in my usual frustration and straining not to lose my fragile temper. However, ‘all’s well that ends well’ as someone with far more insight than me said. We were greeted by the helpful Mel and Kim( sorry Luke ) at the entrance, also meeting place for all things Hot, sausage rolls, burgers, coffee etc.
I have to admit that everyone from the farm and the club had made an enormous effort in decorating the site with charming signs and huge flags which, after negotiating the backroads, made it a welcoming view as one drove in. I’ll give you the lowdown. This farm is ideally suited for festival goers. Camping and caravan space, the camping site is beautiful and the farm fields roll down to the sea. A lovely walk from there down to the bay. The grass on the camping site had been recently cut and the hay kept the children amused. It seemed they had never seen hay before by the way they were chucking the stuff around and keeping themselves entertained, better than being slouched over a screen I thought which, come to think of it, is what I’m doing now. There was a stall selling vintage clothes and a couple more selling what I would specify as ‘various crafts’, more next year I’m sure as the capitalists see an opportunity. We had our own special brew courtesy of Jarrow Brewery and food by Katie & Gem, ‘Teasy Does It’ which proved popular and encouraged a queue by the smell alone.

Down to the main event, the music. Things kicked off, World Cup joke, with the charming Skylark Song, a duo which deserves more attention with gorgeous guitar sound, (well done John Martindale P.A. man), the Baggs pickup and Martin guitars. They sounded wonderful. I had seen them recently at Caedmon Hall supporting Calhalen Morrison and Eli West. Here they excelled, look good, sound good. What more do you want?
To follow we had Serious Sam Barrett and David Broad, two Yorkshire lads who have braved the club at various venues. Both these chaps have seen an evolution in their stage presence and music and it was a real delight to hear them play together and alone, seeming at ease with the audience and themselves. Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Milk, Yorkshire Cheese, Yorkshire Blues anyone? It was turning out to be a special day. I must mention that the early acts played to the festival goers on an outdoor ‘stage’, not really a stage, more of roofed area, which suited everyone who sat around on the site in the sunshine.
I hadn’t seen the Lost Brothers before, or I can’t remember seeing them. On saying that I can’t remember much. Two Irish lads playing guitars and a nice steel guitar to fill in the holes. Pleasant enough Everly Bros fayre although I must say the standard of musicianship was alway at a high. I see too many acts, usually Brits, who just stand there. A little bit of ‘movement’ certainly helps keep things interesting and a bit more ‘humour’ in introducing the songs would help. It has to be said that USA acts seem to have no problem in feeing ‘relaxed’ on-stage. Something to learn from that. Come on chaps, shake a leg.
Ah, the charming Cornshed Sisters were next up. The Cornsheds are a polished act, who are adept at harmony singing, write strong material and have two guitars, keyboards and a uke. I like the Cornsheds, I have their album (I have other albums by other artists) and it’s a delight. They reproduce live what they can do in the studio. Just one thing, I know they didn’t write it, that song ‘Dresden’, ouch. Just not a good metaphor. You see my Dad was in Dresden after the war and told me of the horrors of the place so the song sends chills up my spine. Sorry girls, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it, but there you are, another generation. The rest of their songs were more to my taste and sounded wonderful. Time for a break, rest the ears and wander for a while.
The evening show took place inside the barn with a speaker system playing to those who would rather stay outdoors. The evening’s entertainment started with Big Red and the Grinners who have played the club before and also the Americana Festival. Very entertaining in a hillbilly/hoedown kind of way and, as the name says, a very happy bunch of lads. They added an excitement to the proceedings with their lively act and strong rhythms that cheered the crowd no end Rebecca Pronsky followed Big Red. Rebecca, from New York, has played Cluny2 before, and a very good act she is. With so many Jumpin Hot acts coming from Texas or Canada, it is a pleasant change to have someone from New York, home of the Brill Building. A heady mix of Europeans, too many to mention, have made New York a very special place for songwriters and singers from pop to folk and Rebecca is one of a new generation coming through. New York, like London, is international rather than national with a huge melting pot of music that throws up and attracts musicians. Rebecca has a guitarist to accompany her. She also plays guitar and doesn’t find it difficult to draw in the audience.
I hadn’t seen The Delines before today, but having said that, they feature two Richmond Fontaine's who are quite a regular at the club. To say they rocked is an understatement and the Richmond lads seem to have found another outlet for their talents.
From a family well known in the music world comes Mary Jean Lewis, an American, who lives in Glasgow. Rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll is her business and with a terrific band she rocked the joint and added some sparkle to the proceedings. She’s a great act and the band, aren’t too bad either. We all know who she is related to and she continues the heritage now in the 21st century. We all need a bit of R ‘n’ R in our lives, if you don’t you’re not living.
Finally, from London, Dom and the Ikos. Down from five to three for the gig, they left some brass at home. They are a blindingly hot rockin’ New Orleans style act with Dom on keyboards/vocals plus bass and drums. The band started with that old Ray Charles number ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ and they did. They had the barn a hoppin’ and a boppin’ throught till midnight.What a piano player that man is...
£35/£40 for the weekend, you would be crazy to miss it.
Little Nemo

Little Nemo - Most pics CJ Holley


June 19 - 21st 2015:

Jumpin Hot Club in partnership with " The Barn at Easington" present . The Jumpin Hot Jamboree @ Thorpe Lea East Farm, Easington Colliery, Co Durham SR8 3UT.

No dogs are allowed on site

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