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This date has moved to Fri 7th October 22

Its not often we book something directly from the actual artist , but Tommy got in touch & we said … hell yeahhhh

So, direct from Portland Oregon, Tommy Alexander is doing it all and doing it all very well. After self-releasing his brilliant alt-Country LP Waves in 2020, Alexander found his record on numerous end of the year lists, including nods from KEXP and Magnet Magazine. By this point it is clear that Alexander has established himself as a facet of the indie roots music world. Alexander pens timeless songs with a powerful and dynamic voice and an evolved grasp on dense and concise lyrical design.

“ Tommy Alexander surely has been making ears take notice as his fervently emotive songwriting chops and gritty vocals make him a absolute real deal troubadour” Glide magazine

“A phenomenal talent.”Michael McDonald (Legend)
“Thought provoking music in an age of glib imitation.” No Depression

Very much overlooked in his own neighbourhood, our good friend Tony Bentgsson will open the show
Tony describes his music as “Socially Conscious Modern Country Folk” and who are we to argue….

“There’s a whole other side to his singing; deep and rich on Through Your Eyes and Sometimes A Man, it exudes honesty, smartly sidestepping the over-sentimentality that country music so often falls into”
Simma (Cheers Magazine)