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NME claimed that “Peter Bruntnell’s records should be taught in schools” and if you ask the likes of Willy Vlautin, Jay Farrar, John Murry or Kathleen Edwards they’ll all agree that Peter Bruntnell is a writer with rare and mysterious qualities. It’s interesting that American musicians are so seduced by such a uniquely British artist, and Peter has toured extensively with Son Volt, American Music Club and Richmond Fontaine. It all started way back in 1995 when Peter signed to Almo Sounds, where his label-mates included Gillian Welch and Garbage. He made two albums for the label: Cannibal and Camelot in Smithereens. Grammy-winning Peter Smith (Sting/Squeeze) who produced the debut Cannibal still cites it as “one of the top 3 records I’ve worked on”. In 1999 Peter signed to Warner Brothers and released ‘Normal For Bridgwater’. This was to be his biggest commercial success and a record that won him wider acclaim in North America. Rather than reproduce the Americana feel of Normal For Bridgwater, Peter’s restless musical spirit has seen him strike out in new direction with almost every subsequent album. His most recent release 2017’s Nos Da Comrade & twenty years into his recording career, still has the beauty and resonance of his songs that has rarely faltered… & 11 songs of typically eclectic topics: Donald Trump (Mr Sunshine, engaging, almost early Elvis Costello new wave); Yuri Gagarin; the death of a loved-one (slow, moving, Eels-esque Dance Of The Dead). Most feature a fine band, though one of the loveliest tracks (End Of The World) is just voice and guitar !

“Bruntnell has a remarkable knack for turning out big, dreamy, melodic, memorable songs” – Mojo “His songs are warm and beautifully radiant” – Uncut “One of the finest songwriters in Britain” – The Independent.