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As we have had all Jan/Feb gigs cancelled/re-arranged we got in touch with one of our favourite Americana singer-songwriter Peter Bruntnell.

So, the brilliant news is that Pete has agreed to make a one –off journey from down the bottom of Cornwall to come and play for us

Last time here, was a sold out show upstairs at Live Theatre, about three years ago.  Latest news is that Peter’s early album ”Normal for Bridgwater” has just been voted as number 6 in a list of the best Americana albums of all time by readers of Americana UK

Praise for Peter Bruntnell also comes from the likes of musician and author Willy Vlautin (The Delines , Richmond Fontaine), who frequently states that “Peter Bruntnell is my favourite singer in the world”, with Jay Farrar (Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo) and Peter Buck (REM) also amongst his fans. Canadian singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards, when planning her first album, gave her producer Normal For Bridgwater and asked him to “make it sound like this”.

Here’s some quotes

“One of England’s best kept musical secrets” ROLLING STONE

“Normal For Bridgewater”- “I defy anyone not to be moved by the superb songwriting” MOJO magazine

“If we lived in a just world, Peter Bruntnell would by now be in the middle of his third or fourth global arena tour, his biggest worry working out how to courier his latest armful of Grammy awards back to the UK so his butler could have them installed in the west wing of his mansion by the time he got home.”  – THE GUARDIAN