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Few are more conscious in their journey through Appalachian histories and the Canadian musical landscape than Kaia Kater . Born in Montreal, Kaia has lived in Winnipeg, and, most recently, West Virginia, she now resides in Toronto. Her old-time banjo-picking skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities have landed her in the spotlight in North America and the UK, garnering critical acclaim from outlets such as Rolling Stone, CBC Music and The Roots Music Report. Often praised for her capacity to sound new and old at once, Kaia anchors her music the space where tradition and innovation intersect. She tours with Rhiannon Giddens in late Nov & has a few headline shows early next year inc Celtic Connections & here in toon !

Based on Tyneside, indie folk duo JINSKI are song writer Stephen Wegrzynski and musician Dave Kennedy, a partnership forged from acoustic roots and the love of a strong melody. Their music touches the borders of folk, country, and pop, keeping alive the song writing tradition whilst remaining resolutely modern.