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Tickets for venue: £10.00
Tickets for livestream: £7.50, £15.00, £20.00

‘In The Round’ songwriter session with Martin Stephenson, Nev Clay & Shippy.

Acclaimed songster Martin Stephenson heads down from his home in Inverness to do a one-off, relaxing and intimate ‘in the round’ style show with his two local musician pals Nev Clay & Graham ‘Shippy’ Shipcote. Martin recently featured on BBC 2 with the great Billy Connolly and has been one of the UK’s best-loved musicians for nearly 40 years. The three songwriters will pass songs around and tell stories in between, making for an exciting and unique performance at The Globe.

At the time of writing this description we do not know what, if any, restrictions there might be on attending events in the future.
We have released a limited number of tickets for sale for people to attend this gig in the venue.
We will issue refunds to any ticket holders who are unable to attend due to government regulations.

Buy a ticket and you will be sent an email containing a link to download a pdf file with information on how to view the livestream. You can also download the pdf file by clicking ‘Return to Merchant’ immediately after you have paid. You can watch the gig live and at any time during the following week.
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A livestream ticket costs £7.50. You may like to pay more if you are feeling generous or if there is more than one person watching.

Children and young people under 16 years old may attend events accompanied by an adult (age over 18). They are not allowed to enter the premises after 9pm and they must leave the premises by midnight. Under 16s are not allowed to purchase soft drinks, but they may consume soft drinks bought for them by their accompanying adult.
16 and 17 year olds are allowed to attend events unaccompanied by an adult and they may purchase soft drinks. They must leave the premises by midnight.