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Since the release of his 2015 debut Angeleno, Sam Outlaw remains one of Los Angeles only modern country singers to earn international acclaim. And with his follow-up Tenderheart he shows an impressive refinement of his artistic identity.

“On the cusp of music stardom.” Los Angeles Times
“Tenderheart is an assured step forward for this rising country star. Four stars.” Rolling Stone
“Tenderheart does so much more than just rock your soul to sleep. It has any and all of the country moments any true country fan may crave.” Saving Country Music

“Angeleno made him a legitimate contender to be the biggest country star L.A. has produced since Dwight Yoakam.” LA Weekly

“Sam Outlaw has a lot going for him. A talented singer and songwriter. A fan in Ry Cooder who guides this project with a subtlety and delicacy that is a pleasure to behold. Angeleno is an outstanding debut.” No Depression

“His debut LP is a polished and cosmopolitan west coast take on traditional country music (he’s called it “SoCal country”) with songs that are moody and wry all at once.” The Guardian