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Double Bill & just perfect for the lovely courtroom sessions

Singer- guitarist Terry Lee Hale was born in Texas and inspired to pick up the guitar by hearing an old Billy Haley 78. Graduating high school in Washington and carrying an old Stella guitar, it was to San Francisco and living and learning. Time and the interstates carried him around the country and his guitar, back to Seattle and the great Pacific NorthWest. He began opening for local rock bands like Soundgarden, Screaming Trees and The Walkabouts. For several years Terry Lee was a solo fixture on the Seattle scene, playing the clubs and bars around town with his strange open guitar tunings and his dark, dangerous songs. He never managed to connect with an American label except for one song on the seminal Sub Pop 200 compilation – the only singer-songwriter there.In 1993 he toured Europe the first time opening shows for the Walkabouts. He made friends easily in Brittany and within a few years was spending more time there than in the U.S. Years of creativity followed.
In 2013, Terry was back after a three-year break from recording with The Long Draw, on the acclaimed Glitterhouse Records.
Terry Lee Hale’s latest recording is his best effort to date. The songs of “Bound, Chained, Fettered” are life lessons. Truthful stories sung with a voice that reflects and carries the emotional weight of time, obstacles overcome and wisdom earned.

“Not only is Terry Lee Hale a wonderful guitar player he has a real talent for motivating lyrics & the construction of the song.” Country Music People

Acknowledged as a world-class songwriter, admired by Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler, Brendan Croker makes a rare long awaited solo appearance in the Boro
Probably best known as a member of the Notting Hillbillies & his very own 5 O Clock Shadows, Brendan is also a very well-respected singer/songwriter and session guitarist. Drawing on strong folk, blues, and country roots,he has a strong, Woody Guthrie-ish lyrical outlook to his musical palette, but is equally at home with Van Morrison-style blues or American country music of any era. In fact, his deep knowledge of and affection for American roots music, coupled with his fine singing and guitar playing, gave rise to Croker being hailed as “the British Ry Cooder“.

“… His marvellous voice; sometimes a howling Blues shout and other times a husky, gentle roll your own …Don’t be deceived by the determinedly uncomplicated Croker … he’s got deep roots…”- Mark Knopfler.