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We couldn’t miss out on this Uk tour for Danny and the Champions of the World frontman Danny George Wilson & his full band. Danny has been a favourite over many years and done some wonderful shows in many guises ( Bennett Wilson Poole last time here !! )

Danny’s celebrating/touring a brand new album “Another Place”. Its a vibrant and diverse collection of startling, impressionistic Folk Rock/Americana songs created in collaboration with studio-wizard Hamish Benjamin. This collision of straight forward, traditional song writing with experimentation and noise, brings a fresh and engrossing magic, enabling some of Danny’s most romantic songs ever but equally some of his most unhinged. From the opening smack in the face of ‘Lost Future’, and the jaunty Wurlitzer whistle of ‘Sincerely Hoping’, the air of cool assurance endears even as it periodically dissolves. “Another Place” is more about Danny George Wilson opening new doors, liking what he sees, and inviting us all to share his sense of wonder.

“A pointedly intimate work – lo-fi, introspective, unvarnished. An idiosyncratic gem, that’s also one of Wilson’s finest”


“Wilson’s weather-beaten voice is an atmospheric conduit for tales of troubled romance and hopes for happier times ahead”


“Another Place is a beautiful collection of heartfelt Americana delivered with a left-field approach ignited by Wilson’s creative partnership with album producer Hamish Benjamin, who adds textures to Wilson’s music to create layered soundscapes that bring to mind the best work of bands such as Low and Wilco whilst remaining uniquely his own.”