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Co-pro with The Cluny
One of the most enduring bands in the alt-country community, the Old 97’s merged power pop melodies with classic country feel, anchored by the rock-solid twang of guitarist Ken Bethea and the emotive vocals of Rhett Miller, whose tales of romantic misadventure hit a sweet spot between yearning and swagger.
The band first made a nationwide splash with their second album, 1995’s Wreck Your Life, while their major-label debut, 1997’s Too Far to Care, revved up their rock & roll leanings and punched up the melodic hooks. Despite positive reviews and a loyal following, the band never quite broke through to mainstream success, and in the 2000s, they left the major labels to return to the independents. The Old 97’s soldiered on to become alt-country’s greatest survivors, playing fiery live shows and releasing spirited albums like 2014’s insouciant Most Messed Up and 2020’s rollicking but thoughtful Twelfth.