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Charlie Parr’s inspiration is drawn from the alternately fertile and frozen soil of Minnesota; his songs exude a Midwestern sensibility and humility. Charlie Parr grew up in the Hormel meat packing city of Austin, MN (population 25,000) where most of the world’s favorite tinned meat, Spam, is still manufactured. The combination of growing up with both of his parents working proud union jobs in an industrial meat factory and his largely rural environment had a broad impact on Parr.

Charlie Parr is a real roots musician like no other today. He has built a frenzied following of fans around the world with his energetic performances and 13 records. On his 14th and yet to be released album Dog showcases his blistering finger-picking as he switches between acoustic guitar, dobro and banjo – and keening, cut-through-the-crowd vocals that resonate with a conviction that runs deep and true.
Judging by the work of his last two albums Cheap Wine and Stump Jumper, Charlie’s already done enough to carve out a big name in the field of blues, folk country music