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On his self-produced second album, Buffalo Nichols does things with the blues that might catch you off guard. There’s 808 programming, chopped up samples, washes of synth. There’s a consideration of the fullness of the sonic stage and the atmospherics of blues music that can only come with a long engagement with electronic music. But this is no gimmicky hybrid or attempt to turn the blues into 21st century music by simply dressing it with skittering hi-hats. Nichols’ vision for the blues is of a form of music that’s intimately tied to everyday life in 2023, something that’s reflected not only in the choice of instrumentation, but in the complexities of the songwriting and the grey areas his lyrics explore. This is music that comes straight from the present, and as such, it’s a reminder that the same shit that drove the first blues singers to pick up a guitar is still present behind the throbs of deep bass hits today. Having recently returned to Milwaukee following a few years in Austin Texas, Nichols produced the album himself at home.”Being back in Milwaukee reminded me of why I started making music in the first place”!!!

“a sharp, succinct, inventive and insightful songwriter, one who can convey complex ideas with just a few words.” Uncut 9/10 Album of the Month

“Mesmerising… gritty, old-style blues with a laser-sharp modern focus” 4/5 MOJO

“Impressive debut, an album steeped in tradition but with an urgent, contemporary edge” The Observer

“A true find” 9/10 Classic Rock

“A short, but sharp debut” 4/5 Daily Express

“Nichols will soon be blues royalty…Get to know this future legend” The Revue

“…one of the most promising debut records to come out in quite some time” – No Depression

“…stripped-down arrangement of fingerstyle and slide guitar, plus Nichols’ world-weary delivery of his existential blues.” Rolling Stone