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Los Angeles based Michigan born singer/songstress Anna Ash makes her second trip over here from USA.
Anna’s new fourth album “Sleeper” has been gaining rave review’s including 5 stars in the latest edition of RnR magazine. Americana UK said, at times ‘Sleeper’ feels relentlessly gloomy but through her lucid writing and glorious voice Ash thoroughly charms the listener. Fatea on-line roots music website finished their review by stating it a contender for album of the year!! Her 2016 self-released album, Floodlights, received much attention and playlists on Spotify, Torch and Twang, and Fresh Folk.
Anna’s stunning vocal range & songs expose a singular singer and songwriter at work. Call it A blend of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush vocals with Americana country rock music, call it plain folk music, call it pulling off the road somewhere between LA and Nashville just to roll a cigarette, kick at the gravel, and brood.

Were really thrilled Bridie Jackson has agreed to play this show too, as a duo. It’s been far too long since this charming & totally unique local songwriter has done a gig for us. You may remember Bridie Jackson having success with her band ‘The Arbour’ a while back now. Here’s the Guardian’s take on Bridie Jackson.

“The remarkable voice of Bridie Jackson is beautiful yet haunting and the instrumentation and harmonies weaving around her are ethereal, and at times gentle, making their music even more moving. You feel as if you should be sitting in candlelight listening to their music with no distractions whatsoever.”
—E. Brinnand, The Guardian