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However Jesse should be coming to Uk in July, when we will re-arrange another date




Jesse Dayton is coming over from Texas for a few solo dates in the spring including Newcastle. He has his new autobiography book release “Beaumonster” with a new album to go with it. He will tell a few stories & sing a few songs

Here’s the info

Renaissance hillbilly Jesse Dayton’s accumulated some impressive titles for his résumé since his humble Beaumont Texas beginnings, in the early Nineties

Rockabilly rebel, second-generation outlaw country artist, session guitarist to the legends (Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Ray Price, to name a few), touring guitar hand for L.A. punk icons X, and low-budget horror auteur (2011’s Zombex, starring Malcolm McDowell,). In the past year, he added “radio personality” to that bursting CV, with his Badass Country Show on the Gimme Country US satellite channel. Now he can also paste “published author” into the list.

The meat and potatoes of his debut book “Beaumonster” lies in his portraits of the myriad people he’s encountered across his exceptional career, and the lessons he learned from each. It could be philosophical, it could be spiritual, and it could be artistic –. Doug Sahm taught him the benefits of having “zero musical boundaries”:” Willie Nelson struck him as “a wise-old survivor” with a “Dalai Lama-esque approach to life.” Kris Kristofferson was a poet on a par with any literary greats, Johnny Cash, by the time Dayton met him, was a “humble and gracious man who made me think about working on myself.” We could all learn from Jesse Dayton.

And the book has a soundtrack album !

Practically Mix tape Vol. 2, “Beaumonster the CD” sees Jesse interpret 10 greats from the greats he chronicles.