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A welcome back & a rare solo show for Alvin Youngblood Hart – the songster from Mississippi ……This bluesman is the real deal’.
From the sole of his boots to top of a headband used to keep his dreadlocks in check Alvin Youngblood guitar style, sense of rhythm and honest roots take of music that first gained notice in the 1920s and 1930s is peerless. Known as a “musician’s musician,” Alvin Youngblood Hart’s praises have been sung by everyone from Bob Dylan to guitar gods Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor.
“This boy has thunder in his hands” said Taj Mahal.
This will be a special show in the Civic Theatre.
Alvin appears in a new movie now that’s out on DVD. It’s called “Rumble – The Indians who rocked the World”. It has a stellar line-up including Martin Scorsese, Quincy Jones & Iggy Pop.
Before Alvin plays GCT he is booked at Dark Season Blues Festival up near the north pole where the polar bears live 🙂