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Upcoming gigs

Jon Dee Graham (USA) + William Harries Graham (USA)

Fri 8 Jun / The Cluny2 12.00 adv

CW Stoneking (Aus) + support Gypsy Dave Smith (Ncle NSW)

Fri 15 Jun / The Cluny2 16.00

An evening of music and entertainment from The Crossings Band and Friends

Fri 15 Jun / Gosforth Civic Theatre 5.00 ( free to asylum seekers and refugees)

The Cordovas (USA) + John Wilkins

Thu 5 Jul / Gosforth Civic Theatre 12.50

Matthew Ryan (USA) + Tony Bengtsson

Sat 4 Aug / Durham Old Cinema Launderette 12.00 adv

Country Cantina @ Acklington Village Hall

Sat 11 Aug / 23.00

David Ramirez (USA) + Matthew Vasquez (USA)

Tue 4 Sep / The Cluny2 12.00 adv

Jesse Dayton & Band (USA) + support

Fri 7 Sep / The Cluny 12.50

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Jumpin’ Hot Club have been bringing rockin’ roots, country and blues, reggae and world music to the North East for over thirty years.

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Chastity Brown took the time half-way through the gig to thank Jumpin' Hot Club's Graham Anderson for “taking a chance on her four years ago" when she sent him an e-mail alongside 20 others in the UK asking for a gig. Only Graham and a guy in London responded and the rest is history.

The Rocking Magpie

Jumpin’ Hot Club, began as a labour of love by Adam Collerton and Graham Anderson, and continues in much the same fashion but now benefits from the endorsement of a host of international stars.

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The best in Northern and Modern soul.

Gordon Barr